After several years of research and hard work by DYEA members geared to producing liquid soaps of different types, the fruits of this endeavour, DYEA LIQUID SOAP is now available for public distribution and consumption. DYEA LIQUID SOAP is unarguably one of the most effective laundry products in the market now.

DYEA LIQUID SOAP is used for
👉🏼Laundry 🚽👔
👉🏼Floor cleaning🧽 🧹
👉🏼Excellent hand washing detergent in Restaurants🧽🍽️
👉🏼 Excellent washing detergent in Barber’s salon🧼💆
👉🏼 Amazing Kitchen Utensil washing detergent🧽🍴🥄

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A bottle you buy pays the school fees of a SCHOOL DROPOUTS through DYEA CAMEROON Professional Scholarship project.
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