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DYEA Scholarships 2022/2023

DYEA Cameroon Launches the 2022/2023 scholarship program, offering more than 1000 career opportunities to vulnerable persons in different institutions around the country.

Study programs range from Professional Certificates, National diplomas, HND, HPD and Bachelors’s Degree in various domains like health (nursing, midwifery, laboratory technology, pharmacology, etc), food processing, accounting, engineering, driving and many others.

Entry requirements vary with the program. Details can be obtained from our online application platform.

The deadline for applications has been fixed for 31st November 2022.


After several years of research and hard work by DYEA members geared to producing liquid soaps of different types, the fruits of this endeavour, DYEA LIQUID SOAP is now available for public distribution and consumption. DYEA LIQUID SOAP is unarguably one of the most effective laundry products in the market now.

DYEA LIQUID SOAP is used for
👉🏼Laundry 🚽👔
👉🏼Floor cleaning🧽 🧹
👉🏼Excellent hand washing detergent in Restaurants🧽🍽️
👉🏼 Excellent washing detergent in Barber’s salon🧼💆
👉🏼 Amazing Kitchen Utensil washing detergent🧽🍴🥄

Please kindly patronize Us🤲🤲

A bottle you buy pays the school fees of a SCHOOL DROPOUTS through DYEA CAMEROON Professional Scholarship project.
God bless you forever. Call 🤙 679201766 and make your orders

DYEA offers 42 Scholarships in the NWR for 2021/2022

Following the resolutions of the DYEA JURY COMMITTEE, Dynamic Youth Educational Association, and her partners are most pleased to declare the following candidates successful for the professional and vocational scholarship opportunities for the underprivileged youths in the North West Region for 2021/2022 academic year.

Download the full list

DYEA Annual Report 2021

Dynamic Youths Educational Association presents a synthesis of their activities from January 2021 to December 2021 (DYEA Annual Report 2021). Download the report to get more insight.

Download Report