When a farmer wants to work, he looks *for hoes, cutlasses*, etc.


When a tailor wants to work, he looks for *tapes,
scissors, needles* etc.


when *GOD* wants to work, He looks for *MEN*
and *WOMEN*.

People are His tools!
YOU are the only *instrument* in the HANDS OF GOD.

What makes your difference from surgical blades, sewing machines, hoes, scissors, etc is that; you are an instrument with the ability to decide whether to be *USED* by God or *NOT TO BE USED*

*The decision solely lie in your HANDS*


When a
physician wants to work, he looks for *thermometers, sphygmomanometers,
stethoscopes* , etc.

When a surgeon wants to operate, he looks for *surgical blades, *forceps,* etc.

How soon it will take for the *solution* to come for the PRESENT day challenges faced by YOUTHS in our country does not depend on *GOD*
WHENEVER WE CHOOSE TO MAKE A MOVE….. God will be with us till the very *END OF TIME*


Whenever there is a challenge on ground, what God battles with is not the
*hardship on ground or the difficulty* of the environment but the *bankruptcy of
prepared and processed men and women!*

All through the Bible from GENESIS to REVELATION, God has been fighting *A SINGLE BATTLE*…….THE BATTLE OF HAVING AN AVAILABLE *MAN OR WOMAN TO USE* in fulfilling His *WILL* on this planet earth 🌍.

. He located *GIDEON, MOSES, JEREMIAH, DAVID, ETC* and USED them to solve pertinent challenges on Earth 🌎 in their times.

It doesn’t matter how challenging and diverstating the condition is……. God can only solve it through *a man or a woman*

This has been one of the most challenging battles God has been facing from Creation Because *MEN* & *WOMEN* are the most complicated and complex tools in the HANDS OF GOD!!


In the book of Ezekiel chapter 22:30, when God saw the condition of the land of
Israel, He said: *And I sought for a man.*

He didn’t say: *“I am looking for an
Angel* or looking for *money* or looking for *what to do!* He said:
And I sought for a man among them, that should make up *the hedge,* and stand
in the gap before me for the land…..

Am tempted to conclude that the number of Men and WOMEN on this planet earth is proportional to the problems there in!
God believed so much in the potentials He put in you so much that He *SENT Jesus to die for you*
What else could have MOTIVATED Jesus to give up His life for you if not because God saw you as a *USEABLE TOOL* to fulfill His WILL????

(Ezek 22:30).
It is not even men that God is looking for; it is *a man!* One man is equal to a
nation! One man can be equal to a city! One man can be equal to a *community;*
one man can be equal to a *family!*
The book of Ezekiel says, *And I sought for a man…*
The book of James says, *Elias
was a man…!*

That is, to say
“I am looking for a man and Elijah was the man!”
In other words, in the generation of Elijah, God found a man *Elijah*.
In this generation,
who will God find?
*SOME are homeless*
God can only use a man or woman
*SOME are School dropouts*
God can only use a man or woman
*Some are starving*
God can only use a man or woman
*Some are joblessness*
God can only use a man or woman

When God saw the
problem in the land of *Israel,* He sent an Angel from Heaven, *not to go and solve
the problem* but to go and *look for a man!*

God could have sent an Angel
and say: “Go and save my people from the
*Midianites, Pharaoh, etc”*
But the earth is the *jurisdiction of men;* not of Angels and God is a
Respecter of order and protocol!
God NEEDS you as a partner to fulfill His WILL on earth 🌎

In Psalms 115:16, He said:
The heaven, even the heavens, *are the LORD’s:* but *the earth* hath he given to the
*children of men.*
*My dear, you are very useful on this planet earth*
You are PART OF THE solution to the earth 🌍


So if there must be any intervention on earth, it is the *children of men* that are
If there must be any transformation in a city or nation, it is *men and
women* that are REQUIRED!

*”The mystery of the secret place”*
The most important things of life occur in *SECRET PLACES*
—Children are conceived
and delivered in *SECRET PLACES.*
-Surgeries are performed and lives are saved in